macqui816's candyheart2

macqui816's candyheart2

Thursday, February 9, 2012

on Vday I will be happy


Valentine's day is fast approaching all the lovers around the globe is planning for their Valentine's date. It's a fun celebration for everyone no matter what age you are. And I dare say that it's also fun for a single woman like me. Why not? When I can celebrate it with family and friends. I will still receive Vday gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and cards from my sisters and nieces, my annual heart shaped donuts from my mama and papa. Cards full of love from my friends. 

Or maybe have a date with  my "friend" or a date with myself. I did that last year. It was a lot of fun cause I saw lots of love birds strolling at the mall with the girls holding their flowers in their hands. I saw them everywhere I go!
Some with matching tops on, proclaiming their love for each other or simply have their names in each others tee. 
Ah, to be young and in love! I'm not yet that old, I'm just 27 and I still enjoy seeing young lovers showing other people their romance. So let's go back to my "self date". 
I went to the mall to have lunch that day and to buy some stuff for myself. The counter of the fast food resto where I wanted to eat had a very long line, of course created by the love birds who else? So I looked for another resto with less people and that search went for quite a long time. After an hour of walking and feeling hungry, I decided to eat anything in any food cart or kiosk that's empty at that moment.  So I ended up eating waffles, coconut juice, shawarma/gyros, and candies. Not the lunch I had in mind but it's still good anyway. Cause I do love those snacks that I bought. And I enjoyed it a lot.

I know your thinking why is she such an optimist?
I am, that's me. I even hate that about myself sometimes. Cause I don't dwell in anger and sadness for too long, I don't let myself do that. And  sometimes I miss being angry and sad the whole afternoon or the whole day. Just to feel normal I guess. But it's better to be a positive thinker than a pessimist. 

Because now I live by the mantra: Living in anger and sadness is never good to anyone. 

Now after my lunch, I went to a book store to buy some materials for writing  and art. And some recipe books. In the book store, lots of heart shaped balloons and decor was set up. Nice...
I wanted to take some pictures but when I was trying to take a shot with my mobile phone, some teen agers looked at me puzzled. I suddenly felt embarrassed and thought that maybe I'm not acting my age. That was so funny! 

Yes, it would be nice to have someone to share this day with, this day that is dedicated to lovers but how can I complain? When there's a lot of people in my life who loves me. I'm grateful to them and hope that they can also feel my love. And it's not too bad to be alone on Vday. I  get to know and love myself more. In that way, when that someone walk into my life my heart will be ready to love him fully cause I already stored a lot of love in there myself. 

After I'm done shopping I went home.  I received some Valentines text messages, flowers, cards, stuff toys and candies.
I wondered why I didn't received my yearly heart shaped donuts. 
Mama said she forgot to buy me some. Now that's sad! 
No, not really...